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The KZN branch of LITASA is fortunate to be made up of members from a wide variety of fields and organisations. You’re welcome to contact us on We look forward to getting to know you better!




19 May 2021

Learners from Pinetown Senior enjoyed an entertaining day celebrating Get caught with Hooked on Books.Learners thoroughly enjoyed the visuals and powerful presenters who inspired the love for reading.Learners now have exciting new books which will motivate them to improve their literacy levels.


June 16 2021

Julie Dawson, a retired librarian chose books from Hospice in Pietermaritzburg.By purchasing these second hand books we also support a needy establishment that does a wonderful job of serving our terminally ill patients.Rogini Gounden from Litasa  and the Stri Sathya Sai Religious Organisation are going to hand over jerseys and books to learners from Dunveria Secondary School in Pietermaritzburg.We are targeting Grade 8 and 9 learners. 50 books will be donated to these learners in July to commemorate Nelson Mandela Day.In keeping with our theme of Hope and Healing, we believe our contribution will uplift these learners.


March 29-1 April 2021

Rogini Gounden met with retired teacher, Janet Taylor and discussed positive clips from Jay Shetty’s book Think like a Monk. They spent the afternoon sharing information on how to train your mind for peace and purpose every day.His profound and practical tips for overcoming negativity and showing kindness to the world was very appropriate reading for the adult population. This pandemic has created panic and fear among the elderly.This book offered guidance to create new habits and wisdom to face the challenges and connect with a deeper purpose.


Children at Clarendon Primary received masks for reading stories to their easter bunnies they made in class. Grade 4 learners had to listen to instructions and make a colourful Easter bunny basket.Children were encouraged to choose a story and read to their bunnies.


22 April 2021 

Pinetown Senior celebrated this day with characters dressing up to depict diverse cultures and destinations in the world.Kalay David from Pietermaritzburg presented a story on powerpoint. She provided an attractive visual text and read aloud the story with expression and changed her tone of voice to help the learner make sense of the story. Clarendon Primary learners also dressed up to represent different characters from their favourite stories.Learners had fun guessing which character their peers represented.Educators on the staff at Howick Prep and Clarendon Primary also joined the learners in their fashionable attire to celebrate the day.


27 February 2021

Poet /Writer Sbu Vilakazi was the guest Speaker at the AGM. He read out extracts of his poetry from his book “Who Shall Stand”.


21 February 2021

This day was celebrated with reading stories and poems from diverse cultures.  A parent from Clarendon Primary read a story in German. Mr Ross read a Zulu poem reflecting on poverty and the impact of the pandemic in South Africa.Anel Kleynhans did an Afrikaans video on how she used teaching resources to celebrate love for the mother tongue. Rogani Gouden embarked on a Book drive to collect and distribute books to needy schools..Siwelile Primary School in Sweetwaters in Pietermaritzburg received 50 books from the Litasa KZN Book Drive.


17 February 2021

In KZN teachers promoted storytelling with visual aids. Pictures stimulated reading comprehension. Learners were also actively engaged in the learning process.Teachers and community members from Durban and Pietermaritzburg presented videos demonstrating the value of read alouds.

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