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8 - 10 September 2023
Gqheberha, Eastern Cape

Literacy in practice: Possibilities for praxis

Abstract Submission: 1 June 2023
Registration closure: 31 August 2023 


Abstracts are invited for the 2023 LITASA conference which will take place in Gqeberha from 8 - 10 September 2023.


After the interruptions in education that occurred during the Covid years, there are concerns that improvements in literacy may have been lost. Within all spheres of education, and at all levels of society, there is a concern and drive to improve access to meaningful literacy. Central to this process is the understandings of literacy that people have. A praxis approach to literacy enables caregivers, practitioners, educators, scholars and researchers to make explicit links between theory and practice and thus to better understand our literacy landscape. Because success in literacy learning is key to accessing educational opportunities, access to literacy is a social justice imperative at all levels and in all spaces.


Mindful of the different languages and literacies that people bring to learning spaces, the LITASA 2023 conference creates an opportunity to interrogate theories and practices of literacies in different spaces. We welcome all practitioners, NGOs, educators, DBE officials and researchers to share understandings of the interplay between theories and literacy practices and how these inform each other. In this way we hope to broaden and highlight the variety of ways literacy is received, generated and practiced in our communities and educational spaces.


Presentations can take the form of

  • Individual papers (20 Minutes & 10 minutes for discussion)

  • Colloquia (2 hours, 3-5 speakers)

  • Workshops (2 hours)

  • Poster displays


Abstract submission: Closing date 1 June 2023 at 

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Registration closing date: 31 August 2023

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The annual LITASA conference is the premier platform for those working in the literacy sector to connect, share knowledge and learn from each other. Exhibiting at the conference is a great way to meet members of our literacy community and introduce them to your innovations, products and services. We offer our exhibitors coverage on our website, social media and in -person platforms in the buildup, during the conference and beyond. 

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